just wondering … what's next?

We are running in lanes, in a world made not of, by and for ourselves, but them: visages of the disarticulation of our own existence – the owners, employers, managers… the decision-makers


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Voicemail to the hungry epoch

Incoming voicemail from an uncertain future. Pick up. Is it still human?

The Great Party - The Anthropocene

What does it mean to be human in an age of anthropic induced climate change? What words should we use, what actions should we take and how did we get here? We’re just wondering, but just wondering is not enough right now. So let’s wonder whereto, and then act.

What's cybersurveillance got to do with you?

So much of our lives are online, and yet we understand so little about what this means. In this video, we’re just wondering, how are our identities handled in cyberspace? How can we newly conceptualize privacy, who owns our data, and how much control do we have over what we share with friends and strangers? Big data is getting bigger by the second, and we might need to decide what we want to do with it as a society. Before something or someone else makes the choice for us.

Towards togetherness

Have you ever wondered about what we all have in common? Not just breathing - but beyond that, what are our commons, our human commons? And beyond that - the commons of living things, all living things? In this essay, we’re exploring the idea of the commons down to the ontological base. Come, think with us.

How does culture shape our bodies?

What’s up with this thing we sense through, our body? Hearing, seeing, smelling, accessing the world, all done through a bunch of complicated flesh with nervous networks within it. We’re just wondering … how is the body shaped by the very different cultures, times and spaces it inhabits?

What beliefs shape our lives?

How did humans get to be such a successful species? And more urgently what's next in store for them? Here are some possible answers, based on historian Yuval Noah Harari's new book, Homo Deus.

Are you bored?

Perhaps, or maybe not yet! But sometime, in the near future, it will come...and you know it... that feeling of satiety, of desire, just to do something new, to see another landscape, or to be anywhere else. You might think that the outside world has better alternatives for boredom, but is it so? For sure, the world brings you interesting experiences and quick fixes, but for the long run, you might just be alone from time to time, with your thoughts and emotions...

What is food?

Whether you look at it from an individual level or on a global scale, the choices that you make every day have an impact upon your surroundings, because of the simple fact that we are interconnected and that we rely solely on this planet and its resources. We constantly have to choose between those substances and foods that are nutritious and those that we think are will appease our appetite at a given time...

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