Short animated essays fumbling through the (non)human world.


Just wondering doesn’t just wonder. There are pressing questions we look to pose, questions that pain us and questions that give us joy. We create short animated essays, step by step, from concept to final, minute by minute, moving illustrations with music and voice. 


The project begun in 2016 with Mina & Theo, changing members, style, meaning and purpose over time. Now it’s us three, Mina, Theo and M, collaborating with a number of friends that are indispensable. 


We believe there is no limit to the things that one must know and never will. There isn’t a number of times one can admit to not knowing, not having thought about, that runs out. We must always question power, privilege, our position, our point of view. We turn to art, to sociology, to poetry, to philosophy for answers. Sometimes we find some, sometimes we end up with more questions. Always enmeshed in them personally. Always charmed with the search. Always wary and anxious of pretending to know. Always believing in the search for knowledge with body and heart, and much less in finding it.

About us



Direction | Animation | Research

Working towards co-existence and challenging (hu)man privilege. Self-taught in all things, if there is such thing as a self, and such a possibility as non-collaboration. Takes ontology seriously. 



Concept | Storyboard | Illustration

Carries softness as a way of being, vulnerability as an artform. Finally accepting that being compared to a mimosa is to be taken as a form of praise. Studied visual art and sculpture, grows plants.



Research | Script | Concept

Is afraid of being a poet, but also wants to be one. Has walked a long road of de-centering from solipsism at thirteen to object oriented ontology now. Wants to read literature but reads scholarly articles instead.

Friends & Collaborators



Music | Mix & Master

Does music but is into silence a lot. Likes woods more than cities, but tells The Story of a Town. Believes in passion, just gets the concept.



Voice-over | Performance

Madly into theatre. Is very driven, very lovely and works too much. Her voice is a wild landscape overseen by the sun, the moon and the stars.



Over time we have worked with many amazingly talented people who have either participated deeply & directly in the making of the videos by aiding with illustration, animation and writing, or given us a precious word of advice when needed. Most are properly acknowledged within each of the videos! We are thankful to everyone, including the bees who have pollinated the world meanwhile.

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