Hi there,

If you’re here, it means you maybe, like what we’re doing. We like it too, but as you well know, we’re not bots, but bodies, and embodied beings need stuff to survive. Up until this moment the project was 100% self-funded, meaning hundreds of work hours unpaid and our lovely collaborators paid - with what money we had. Just one video requires so many processes, from concept to research, writing and editing, the storyboard, the illustrations, voice-over, making the animation, music, SFX, and finally postproduction and posting on social-media … ok you get it, hundreds of hours really.

We’re looking for ways to make this sustainable, so if you can and want to chip in, it’s much appreciated!  Like we say here at just wondering, a coffee a day keeps some ecological anxiety away! Maybe not, though. But at least it gets us working.

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